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ELLE Extra

pink jacket

The Influentials

Pink, White, Clothing, Beauty, Leg, Thigh, Finger, Sitting, Long hair, Brown hair,

The Edit Spring Edition

Nordstrom And ELLE Celebrate Perfect Pairs

Nordstrom & ELLE Celebrate Perfect Pairs

ELLE x Rituals Beauty Of September

Celebrate Beauty of September

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Military camouflage, Clothing, Military uniform, Pattern, Military, Camouflage, Jacket, Uniform, Blond, Outerwear,

The Green Index

Hair, Blond, Lip, Nose, Neck, Brown hair, Finger, Long hair, Gesture,

UniversELLE Beauty

Boutique, Bazaar, Public space, Fashion, Shopping, Outlet store, Outerwear, Fashion design, Market, Textile,

Celebrating the Holiday Season

Fashion, Footwear, Fashion design, Display window, Street fashion, Boutique, Shoe, Shopping, Costume design, Outlet store,

Life on the Red Carpet